The Harrison Family Foundation launches bigthicketART!

In 2019, the Harrison family formed The Harrison Family Foundation, a non-profit organization aiming to build a community of art and artisans living in or attending school in the Big Thicket region of Texas, to increase awareness of the Big Thicket and its beauty, and to promote scholarship and research of the area. 

Operating as Big Thicket Art, The Harrison Family Foundation is excited to offer many new opportunities for and within the community, including the 2019 Big Thicket Art Competition and a Summer Big Thicket Reporter Internship open to high students 16 years old or older who live in or attend school within the Big Thicket region.  We also host weekly and monthly photography and art competitions on social media, like our upcoming iPhone XR giveaway! 

We believe that everyone sees this world in a unique way and, through our individual experiences, cultivates a distinct voice.  We also believe that everyone is an artist and that one of our goals in this world is to find the medium that best conveys what we are feeling, what we are saying, and, ultimately, most effectively captures who we are.  We want to celebrate THAT! 

Become an active member of the bigthicketArt community by contributing your art and articles and follow us on social media to stay in touch!

2019 Board of Directors


Jenifer Head Harrison, MS


I look at the Big Thicket and see washes of purple and yellow. I feel free to discover and enjoy myself. I smell the lightness of the forest and I breathe into balance with the nature that surrounds me. I am exhilarated and inspired- each day greeted by something new such as a wildflower or a box turtle. In the forest I feel alive, connected and grateful.

Favorite Trail: The Geraldine Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve- Warren Texas . This is subject to change as I discover more of The Thicket. Click to watch a short clip on what you can see at the preserve. 

Goals: create a community of people who appreciate art, nature, research and all good things.

I enjoy: painting, sketching, writing, reading, taking pictures, research, cooking and being a mom. I hate mosquitoes.

Kristin Reyes, MS, LPC

Vice President

Kristin D. Reyes is a certified teacher and a licensed psychological counselor, holding multiple degrees including a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from University of Houston, Clear Lake.  She is currently an administrator and student services coordinator for George I. Sanchez Charter School and has recently entered into her own private practice.

Kristin has received several community and professional awards including the CREST award and the Mental Health America Award and looks forward to expanding her influence and reach through non-profit work.

Helen C. Mullarkey


Helen Mullarkey is a Title Officer at Platinum Title Partners in Houston, Texas. She has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the mortgage banking and lending industry including government processing, funding, title, closing and compliance.  Her attention to detail, impeccable client relations skills, and her ability to take ownership of any task adds value to any organization.

Helen loves music and is an active concert-goer. She enjoys travelling and taking pictures.

Jennifer "Jenni" Bowen, MS, LPC Intern


Jenni Bowen received her Masters of Science in Clinical Counseling from University of Houston, Clear Lake and works as a counselor for communities in need with the Cenikor Foundation in Galveston, Texas.  Jenni is a lover of the arts and music and utilizes both in her counseling approach. Her current work at Cenikor has inspired her to become more involved in and have a stronger influence on the outcomes of non-profit work, especially one combining children and art.

Madison Borowitz

Board Member

Madison Borowitz earned her 500 hr Yoga Teacher Certification and received training in massage therapy- license to be completed by mid-2019. Madi has been an artist and jewelry maker for over 8 years and, at this junction in her life, has chosen to care for her 1 year old child over a professional career.  The life change of being a new mother has inspired Madi to invest her time and energy in non-profit work, combining what she calls “All Good Things”- art, music, good energy, nature and love.