In 2019, the Harrison family formed The Harrison Family Foundation, a non-profit organization aiming to build a community of art and artisans living in or attending school in the Big Thicket region of Texas. We also act to bring awareness of the Big Thicket and its beauty, and to promote scholarship and research of the area. 

Operating online as bigthicketART, The Harrison Family Foundation is excited to offer many new opportunities for and within the community, including the 2020 bigthicketART Competition and a Summer Big Thicket Reporter Internship open to high school students at least 16 years old who live in or attend school within the Big Thicket region.  We also host weekly and monthly photography and art competitions on social media, like our upcoming iPhone XR giveaway! 

We believe that everyone sees this world in a unique way and, through our individual experiences, cultivates a distinct voice.  We also believe that everyone is an artist and that one of our goals in this world is to find the medium that best conveys what we are feeling, what we are saying, and, ultimately, most effectively captures who we are.  We want to celebrate THAT! 

Become an active member of the bigthicketART community by contributing your art and articles and follow us on social media to stay in touch!

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