Big Thicket Reporter Summer Internship 2019

Funded by the Harrison Family Foundation, Big Thicket Art is offering a PAID summer internship position for a Big Thicket Reporter!  Travel the Thicket, record your adventures and events, and create dynamic blog content for online publication. 

If the idea of being a summer nature reporter gets you excited, submit your best Big Thicket blog article! Entry should:

1.  be a minimum of 1000 and a maximum of 3000 words,

2.  include a minimum of 5 pictures. At least 2 of the 5 required pictures or Infographics should be at a 1:1 ratio, compatible with Instagram, at a 300×300 size.

3. include 1 video clip between 30 seconds and 1 minute in length, and

4. Biography- Tell us who you are and include anything you think will demonstrate you. 

Topic/Theme- Anything to do with the people, places, events, flora or fauna of the Big Thicket. Perhaps a blog about a visit to a Big Thicket trail or any of the amazing private conservation lands open to the public? Or maybe an interview of someone of import in the Big Thicket? As always, we define the Big Thicket as a geographical area in the following counties: Montgomery, San Jacinto, Polk, Jasper, Tyler, Hardin, Liberty, Newton, Orange and Sabine.

Ideal candidate should have a positive energy, be a self-starter, be kind to others and themselves and have impressive technology, writing and verbal skills.  Candidate should also have a unique voice, a fun attitude and a natural curiosity for people and nature.  You will be an ambassador for The Harrison Family Foundation.

Submissions are accepted starting May 1, 2019.  Deadline for submission is June 3, 2019.  Top 3 submissions will be invited to interview. Winner to receive an iPhone XR.

Our best advice is for the entrant to figure out what type of artist/journalist he/she wants to be. Photojournalist? Photographer, writer, podcast personality, etc.? – We want to help cultivate that. So, while there is a writing component, we are going to allow the entrant to propose the type of journalist they wish to be and we will produce that segment. Be Creative. Be You.

*You must live in OR attend high school in the following counties: Montgomery, San Jacinto, Polk, Jasper, Tyler, Hardin, Liberty, Newton, Orange or Sabine.  Must be at least 16 years old, have transportation, and parent/guardian authorization. 

The Summer Reporter Intern is a part-time, contract position. Intern will be paid per submission with a weekly submission requirement of 1 story with video and picture requirements.   

Instructions for Required Material:

Google Drive (Google Docs, Sheets, Photos) is a versatile, intuitive and FREE document creator/editor- we use it and you will need to know how to as well.  To have access to the Google Drive, you must register for a Google Account. TIPS:  For more on how to use Google Drive, search YouTube for tutorials.  You will also want to install Google Drive, Google Photos and Google Docs on your mobile device.  This is a free service.  Remember, you must make certain to share your documents in Google.  Don’t worry if you have trouble.  When you send us the link, we can request permission.  You can query YouTube for how to share a Google Doc  for further assistance.

Make certain to include a personal biography that tells us who you are. Again, be creative. Biography video from YouTube? Yes, if you feel it. You can use this space to copy and paste a biography and/or you can include a link to a Google Doc or YouTube Video. 

Video clip (# 3 above):

– Upload your video to your private YouTube account and copy and paste the link to the submission form where indicated.


Upload your pictures to Google Photos and copy and paste the Shared Folder link where indicated.  You will need to place your pictures in a SHARED folder- Watch:

*As an alternative to these instructions, you can embed your required photos and videos in the Google Docs document your are required to link.  If you choose this option, we do not expect your layout to be print ready.  However, do the best you can.  

Finalists will be required to submit signed parental consent (if under the age of 18), the original video files and print quality photo files.  Finalists will be provided with submissions details in the notification email.  

PLEASE check your email SPAM folder for correspondence from or

This is a good online resource for preparing a blog, disregarding the talk of keywords.

Big Thicket Reporter Entry

Form to submit blog entry for the Summer 2019 Big Thicket Reporter Internship
  • If your article is chosen as a finalist, we will contact your parents via email or phone to notify them.
  • Article Content

  • This link can contain your article, photos and YouTube video. If so, you do NOT need to provide those links in the provided fields.
  • *You do not have to include this link if your pictures are embedded in your Google Docs document link.
  • *You do not have to include this link if your pictures are embedded in your Google Docs document link.
  • Please provide the Google Docs link to your biography. This document link should be different than the article Google Docs link.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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